ShackSlides Installation

ShackSlides is not just a slideshow module, but a way to feature your images in style.

(**note ShackSlides does not come with template purchase**)

1. After purchasing ShackSlides, log into your account and download the file Shackslides Module to your computer.


2. In your Joomla Administrator panel, go to Extensions > Extension Manager .

halcyon 2

3. Click on the "Browse..." button, browse to the folder you downloaded, and select file.

4. Click on "Upload File & Install."  After the upload and install is complete, you should see an 'Installing module was successful.' message.

5. Now you will need to set the module up after installation. To do this, go to Extensions> Module Manager,

module manager

6. Then look for and open mod_shackslides as seen below.

open shackslides

7. In the Details you can rename your title to something easier for you to find like ShackSlides or leave it as is. Make sure you change the Status to Published and select a position. For the Hyacinth template we will be positing our ShackSlides in the banner position.


8. Next you want to Save & Close and go into Content > Media Manager.


9. Here you will add the photo's that you will be using in your ShackSlides. First create a new folder and name it ShackSlides. 


10. Open the folder an upload the images you wil be using in your ShackSlides by clicking on the Browse... button and then Start Upload. Once you have uploaded your images, go back into your ShackSlide module.

11. In the Basic Options open the the Folder drop down menu and select your created ShackSlides folder with your images in it.

basic folder

    • Be sure to check out your

Advanced Options

    as you have more options to play around with from Container Width and Height, to Theme and Effect.

advanced options

Where do I go to get support?

Answers to many questions can be found in our Knowledgebase/Forum. For more help with installation, setup, and customization, please visit our Forum and post to an appropriate thread.