Changing the Logo

Changing the logo for this template is a snap, and you have a few different options of how to do it.

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Setting up a Module Position

Modules can be managed within the Module Manager by navigating to Extensions > Module Manager.

While every module has different parameters/basic options specific to its function, there are a few constant parameters/baisc options used to manage the desired display within your Joomla template:

  • Title
    • The title to be displayed above the module.
  • Show Title
    • You can also choose not to display the title on the frontend.
  • Enabled
    • Enables/Disables the module from being displayed.
  • Position
    • Select field that designates the location of the module (e.g; left, right, etc.)
  • Order
    • Select field to determine the ordering of the module (this can be quickly adjusted at the main module manager page)
  • Access Level
    • Allows you to select which user levels can see the module.
  • Module Class Suffix
    • Applied an additional CSS suffix to the module for additional styling.

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Choosing a Theme

Hyacinth comes with 3 beautiful thems to choose from.

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Module Positions

This template comes with several module positions to customize your user experience.

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Module Styles

This template comes with three module styles to make your site more interesting. Use these styles to showcase content, highlight news, or create call-outs.

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Template Parameters/Basic Options

This template comes with great template parameters to help you further customize your Joomla website. Choose from how you want to display your logo to what type of fonts you want on the website.

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Template Installation

Not sure how to install your new template. Read more to find out how.

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The Hyacinth template comes with it's own custom typography. You'll be able to customize the look of your Joomla website when you utilize these custom template styles.

Here are examples of the several different types of html styles you have at your fingertips.

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